Street Arts at MK Gallery

This February we are looking for the final few new Street Arts members to join our team. We have a committed existing group of young people who have already performed alongside Paramount Parkour’s Elite Squad and Ninja Warrior UK’s Ruel Da Costa. They have designed and altered outfits for themselves and the Elite Squad as well as created artwork as a backdrop for their showcase.

Once signed up, young people can attend Street Arts every session until the end of Summer 2023 when we will be announcing the next phase of the project.

February Half Term – February 13 & 14: Creating a new 3D monument for Milton Keynes from 4500 pledge cards.

Easter – April 3 & 13: Preparing and a showcase at MK Gallery

June 1 – Art workshops and Parkour

Summer Holidays 2023 – Art workshops and Parkour 24 & 31 July, and 7 & 14 August

August 14 – Showcase in the square

This half-term Street Arts will be working with an artist to create a piece of art that will become part of the legacy of the Knife Angel’s Month of Action at Stadium MK. There will be an information evening and a chance to meet the artist and plan the artwork on Wednesday 26 January. On Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 February, Street Arts will be providing FREE parkour and art workshops at MK Gallery. These workshops will take the 4,500 anti-violence pledges that visitors have been offered the chance to leave and turn them into a permanent 3D monument for Milton Keynes.

On Monday Art workshops run from 11.30am until 1.30pm followed by a 30 minute break. After the break Parkour sessions will run from 2pm until 4pm. At 4pm participants will be given the option to remain in the Event Space to socialise until 5pm. Participants can attend both workshops or either art or parkour. On Tuesday, Ruel will be joining the Team as they complete the Sculpture and sharing advice about how to become an Elite Parkour Athlete. 

This programme is funded by Safer MK and aims to empower individuals to promote an anti-knife crime message across Milton Keynes and through social media. 

To refer a young person to this programme please complete the form attached and return to by by Monday 23 January.

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