City Club

City Club was a programme of new art, performances, family activities, happenings and talks inspired by the original vision behind Milton Keynes. It provided a framework for MK Gallery’s interim programme while the building was closed for construction.

City Club was the name given in the 1970s to a mind-boggling leisure complex designed to occupy a whole block of Central Milton Keynes. Among its many wonders were a wave pool, a rodeo and a souk, as well as the theatre and art gallery. We’ve looked back at this un-built scheme, borrowed the name and visualised a space for numerous activities. City Club re-imagined for the 21st century is like a cover version of a classic song, updated with a new sound.

Milton Keynes is world-famous for its architecture and town planning. Less well known is the history of social development in the city, which often took the form of art projects. These activities created some much-loved landmarks including Liz Leyh’s Concrete Cows and Bill Billings’ Triceratops. They also brought the pioneer residents of the new city together, to build communities through art.

During 2017, MK Gallery brought together artists and arts organisations from across Milton Keynes to celebrate the city’s 50th anniversary. This took the form of specially commissioned installations and events that reflect the city’s unique environment and its dynamic population across six decades.

Looking for Milton Keynes

In this video, City Club lead artist Gareth Jones takes a tour through the unbuilt visionary architecture of Milton Keynes, as depicted in the 1970s by legendary architectural renderer Helmut Jacoby.

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City Club Project

By 2019, City Club featured a sequence of new public spaces designed by Gareth Jones and Nils Norman.

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Necessary Amendments

Stuart Whipps produced a film and publication exploring the public art of Milton Keynes.

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Playing Out

Artists Townley and Bradby were in residence for two years building links between Conniburrow and Central Milton Keynes.

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City of Things

A new art work and sound map by Caroline Devine featuring the sounds and voices of Milton Keynes.

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Citizen Ship

New commission by Freee artist collective working in collaboration with architectural practice Modern Architect.

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Kisses from MK

A new installation for Milton Keynes by artist Andy Holden for the MK50 anniversary exhibition A New City Comes to Life.

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Feast of Fire

MK50’s official free event, Feast of Fire, is a magical and fiery celebration for the people of Milton Keynes.

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The Green Town Group

Using the green spaces  around the city as inspiration The Green Town Group will work with children and families to test new approaches to outdoor learning.

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Mapping the Right to the (New) City

City Club Associate Artist whatsthebigmistry explores Milton Keynes’ urban landscape with older residents.

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