Download our Creative Learning for Schools brochure

MK Gallery’s Learning Programme aims to support and complement the National Curriculum whilst promoting the importance of cultural learning among children and young people. We deliver a diverse range of fun, experimental and challenging learning activities for pupils of all ages.

How to book

All group visits, including self-guided visits, must be booked in advance. Click the link above to download our Creative Learning for Schools brochure. For further information and to enquire about booking, or to receive free, regular updates about opportunities for schools, contact MK Gallery’s Learning Team: / 01908 676900.

Why the arts matter in education

The arts are a crucial part of a broad and balanced curriculum – they equip children with the creativity and innovation needed for 21st century employment, and with essential life skills such as collaboration, communication and problem solving. Reports show that studying the arts can raise attainment in Maths and English and employers are calling for a workforce with both scientific and creative skills. (CLA, 2017)  

 Participation in the arts develops children’s confidence in their ability to think, question, explore, and contribute to the world around them. They give children a creative outlet to explore and express emotion and can reduce stress, improve wellbeing, raise self-esteem and develop social skills. Studies and research have found that children who regularly take part in arts activities are more resilient, healthier and do better in school. (CLA, 2017).