Anna Townley

Anna Townley is a painter based in Norwich. Colour is fundamental to the way Townley understands her surroundings, relationships, and to how she paints. Townley currently explores ways of enriching colour by layering paint, playing with the translucency and opaqueness of pigments. She often begins with opposite colours, building through layers towards the final colour. In Gathering Stones, Shotesham Ford, the dark water in which the stooped figures are reflected began as areas of brown and orange (and in the foreground, bright blue). Townley added tones of pink and dark green to create the sense of cold depths and a bright reflective surface.

Key influences are Townley’s family and her regular meditation practice. During meditation, she experiences brightly coloured visions. The colours are vivid, transparent and fluid, shifting while her attention is on them. These experiences guide her use of colour in the paintings. Townley’s role as a parent is ever-present alongside her practice as an artist. Her paintings record observations of the family, including frequent episodes of emotional intensity: moments of conflict or of joy. A Troubled Afternoon depicts a point during a holiday when everyone was dissatisfied. While visiting Neolithic standing stones, the presence of these ancient monuments allowed the family conflict to clear.

Gathering Stones, Shotesham Ford, 2018

96 x 142 cm, oil on canvas


A Troubled Afternoon, 2019

100 x 140 cm, oil on canvas


As Without, So Within, 2018

96 x 142 cm, oil on canvas