Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker in an artist working in Milton Keynes. Blossoming White combines light, reflection and colour in creating an illusion. Through the specific placement of only six colours, a whole array of subtle shades, tints and hues becomes apparent.


The idea for this work originated when the artist noticed how a coloured pencil lodged between two pages of a sketchbook was reflected onto the curve at the opposite page, due to sunlight hitting the pencil at just the right angle. She began to experiment with colours and their refracted glow onto paper. To create Blossoming White, Walker took a section of one of her paintings, enlarged it and mimicked each of the predominant colours, pixel by pixel in red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta and lemon yellow. Her method was based on the same theory as computer screens: that slight variations in a restricted set of colours can create a near infinite selection of tones. Although the majority of each pixel is white, our perception of their colour is affected by its reflections, demonstrating how much colour really does influence its environment.