Anja Schrey: Solo Entertainer


5 August - 24 September 2006

MK G presented the first solo exhibition in the UK by German artist Anja Schrey. The exhibition comprised new and recent works of larger-than-life size colour pencil drawings of the artist.

Schrey is always the subject of the work. Taking numerous photographs to inform the choice of pose, she then works on an enlarged scale, with drawings ranging from 50cm to 4.5m across; with the resulting images dominating individual gallery walls. In the various poses she assumes, she never engages in direct eye contact with the viewer, but with an air of detachment, stares beyond the margins of the work.

Schrey’s influences vary; the media, the fashion industry and art history can sometimes be detected in the drawings. Occasionally the poses she adopts have been informed by performances she has made in which the audience are invited to suggest her dress, style and gesture.

Press Release MK G Bulletin 28