Body Arcana with Lesley Asare Workshop

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21 May 2022

10am – 1pm

If  your body could speak, what would it say? Join us for a movement and performance workshop with British Ghanian artist Lesley Asare who creates large-scale drawings using her body.

Asare’s work explores identity, personal histories and the experiences of Black Women/Women of Colour and aims to create a space for play, self-reflection, self-awareness, empowerment and healing.

This workshop will explore how self-care can be practiced through the movement of the body and will be recorded on paper using oil bars.


Workshop cost includes entry to the performance of Body Arcana on Friday 20 May.

About Lesley Asare

Lesley Asare is a British Ghanaian Artist, Somatic Coach and Mentor, based in Milton Keynes, UK.

She creates solo and collaborative work and wholeheartedly believes in the healing power of the creative process. Her work explores identity, personal histories and the experiences of Black People. Through her work she aims to create the space for play, stillness, self-reflection, self- discovery, empowerment, transformation and healing.
As a multidisciplinary artist, her practice is led by her quest for truth.

Asare generates work through drawing, painting, abstract self-portraits, the body, movement, the exploration of narratives within organic and domestic objects as well as through the design and construction of costumes that can be transformed by the body in space which culminate in performances and installations.