Folk Archive: Contemporary Popular Art from the UK


2 August - 18 September 2005

Produced by Alan Kane and Jeremy Deller

From our two small collections of modest objects and pictures and an ensuing conversation about the Millenium Dome’s corporate representation of the UK, the question arose for us as to what might constitute present day folk art. Some seven years later, ‘Folk Archive’ is our response to this question and our celebration of the creative life of Britain. (Kane & Deller)

Artists Alan Kane and 2004 Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller presented a selection of works from their contemporary Folk Archive. Kane and Deller’s ongoing research has explored and documented both traditional and contemporary forms of popular creativity, that brings works from one of public display to the more traditional presentation of art in a gallery. From gurning to graffiti, and tapestry to sculptures made from vegetables, Kane and Deller’s project is testament to the enduring compulsion for people to find creative forms of community and individual expression.

The variety of their collection was reflected in MK G’s exhibition, which presented video, drawings, paintings along with objects including Snowdrop, a working, life size mechanical elephant. Energetic and engaging, this exhibition suggested how popular art has developed and questions what might constitute present day folk art.

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