Inside Out: Investigating Drawing


13 December 2003 - 25 January 2004

Exhibiting artists: Jack Duplock, Laurence Elliott, Stephen Groom, Andrew Mania, Jamie Shovlin, Mari Sunna, Julie Verhoveven & Roxy Walsh

Inside Out has drawing as its focus. The selected artists, whilst all very different, share an interest in the human form or their work includes figurative elements. Much of the work has the quality of ‘fragmented dreams’, and explores the mental landscape of the artist’s psyche. Some of it is mysterious, some autobiographical, some humorous or even nightmarish, and many create intriguing narratives for the viewer to explore personal visions and alternative ways of looking around the world. The appropriation of imagery from horror films, comics and memories of stories and places visited to create environments, is also inspiration for some works. The exhibition reveals how artists can use a combination of collage and non-art materials such as glitter and felt tip pens to create imagery with a low budget, but compelling aesthetic.

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