Pae White: in no particular order


19 November 2005 - 22 January 2006

Milton Keynes Gallery presented the first solo exhibition in a British public gallery by Californian- based artist Pae White. The exhibition included new and recent work and served to introduce the varied strands of her artistic practice, that shifts effortlessly across differing genres and media, from fine art and product design to architecture and urban planning, typography and graphics.

White’s work is often low-tech, comprised, for instance, of repeatedly made cardboard cut-outs, delicate wire constructions, suspended mobiles or evocative ephemeral wall paintings made direct onto the building’s surface. Central to her work is the playful exploration of the experience of space and light within a specific architectural setting, that results in a visually engaging experience.

Of particular note are White’s papercut mobiles, such as ‘Oroscopo’, 2004. Cascading from scores of nylon threads, these brightly coloured cardboard ovoids perceptually flicker and tantalise the viewer. As ever, there is an in-built responsiveness to the conditions of the gallery space, either through the refraction of light or the passing disruption of air as a viewer walks by.

A new installation, specially made for the exhibition, comprised a wall painting featuring White’s characteristic ‘fading’ of one colour into another—at MK G turquoise into black. A selection of White’s drawings, designed posters and the display of collaborative artist’s books were also included in the exhibition.

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