Resource Room: Habitations


27 March 2022

Ages 4 – 19

Free Workshop with Alice & Shauna Boland-Rhodes

We will be exploring the idea of connecting and belonging through habitat building. We will be making nests, habitats, safe spaces and dens from a mixture of natural materials and found materials.

We will bring the space to life with habitats that connect together, intertwined with share materials.

We will then become the elements and do what nature does, we will storm our creations, discovering beauty in the destruction of our nests and spaces. The debris will allow for mindful thought and new beginnings, because as with nature it is important to rebuild and begin from chaos.

This workshop will encompass installation, performance and meditation and is open to all.

About Alice & Shauna Boland-Rhodes

The work we do together is created by a mindful seeking of process. A state of being in the moment of art and the making without concern for outcome. The work we create draws inspiration from attuning to others, as well as the connection we have to the environment around us. Our joint artistic practice aims to collaborate our skills and experience to make art with themes of the environment, mental health, body image and belonging. Our installations allow for collective mindfulness with audiences and our performances brings an openness to our artistic practice.

Resource Room

Hosted by artist Katie Fields, Resource Room opens in the Project Space every weekend throughout March 2022. Creatives, families and Milton Keynes residents are encouraged to visit and collect free resources and materials, create artwork in the communal space or learn a craft at one of our free workshops.