Richard Wright


2 September - 8 October 2000

For his solo show in MK Gallery’s Cube Gallery, Richard Wright (b.1960) made a specifically commissioned wall drawing.  The drawing referenced seating in the adjacent MK Theatre, which opened at the same time as MK Gallery in October 1999,

Wright’s drawing process falls between action painting and site-specific installation. His approach is meticulous and usually of a symmetrical design but the final drawing results from what happens in situ; its execution becomes a live event. Though hand made, his flat emblematic images look mechanically produced. The use of gouache brings areas of intense colour that look as if they have been printed onto the gallery wall. Wright tends to use simple geometric forms that focus on the connections between art, design and architecture. The style of popular culture is interspersed with emblematic forms that are linked to modernist paintings and also graphic designs like tattoos and corporate logos. This blending of imagery is integrated with the physical architecture to create a temporary work of art that will remain only as a visual memory for the viewer.

Press Release Richard Wright: A brief guide for visitors