Signalling and Identity with Dylan Fox




25 February 2023

10am – 4pm

Exploring what is traditionally known as a courtesy flag or house flag on a sail ship – this workshop led by Dylan Fox explores ideas of identity and communication through making, and signalling.

Using found and recycled fabrics each participant will make your own flag (Rectangular: 60 x 75cm OR Triangular: 76cm x 84cm or Pendants: 45cm x 150cm). You are invited to bring small found objects with them which can be incorporated into your design.

Dylan will guide you in designing your own flags which reflect each individual making them.

Ticket cost includes materials and entry into Trickster Figures: Sculpture and the Body.

About Dylan Fox

Dylan Fox’s practice examines the various barriers the transgender community faces. More specifically he explores the injustice of inefficient healthcare pathways in the UK, bias in media representation and by extension, wider societal views. Fox utilises found objects and printed matter to create works designed to replicate the feelings of frustration felt through his own gender transition, developing scenarios where the public endure a similar experience of ambivalence. Drawing on his research into socially engaged art practices, theories of open form, and queer histories, these scenarios often have a participatory element, aiming to shift public perceptions through dialogue.