States and Spaces: A Survey by Project Art Works


9 December 2011 - 8 January 2012

Through inclusive curatorial initiatives, Project Art Works conducts practice led enquiries into the lives of people with complex needs.

The exhibition at MK Gallery will present an ambitious survey of projects developed and produced by Project Art Works and associated artists over the last ten years.  This first major survey of its work focuses on innovative, collaborative investigations of built space and their impact on the perception of people with neurological impairments.  Selections from a huge body of work include immersive and sensory installations, film, physical works and sound.

The interest and motivation in much of Project Art Works practice, is the ‘unknowability’ of another persons experience of the world, especially if they are unable to communicate using language.   Through collaborative projects, it explores different forms of response and communication using visual art based materials and data.

The exhibition incorporates work from a long-term project between MK Gallery and Project Art Works centering on the exploration of constructed and open space and referencing the urban grid of Milton Keynes, perception and visibility in the city.

Cube Gallery

Cathedral of Trees

An immersive and ethereal sound installation of The Cathedral of Trees in Milton Keynes from recordings taken during a visit by an unusual band of collaborators during September 2011. Also sharing the space, a floating object and paper based works that chart experiential surveys of the land between the gallery and this arboreal sanctuary in the city.

Middle Gallery

Not Knowing of Another

The Not Knowing of Another is a multi screen video and sound installation by Kate Adams that reveals synchronized and alternative viewpoints of a short walk through an industrial building, over a railway bridge and finally out on to an expansive beach at sunset.

“…it is a noble project, given that consciousness is such a notoriously elusive subject for any artist to tackle.” The Independent’s Pick of the Week July 2008

Long Gallery

Physical presences

A range of works from the Project Art Works archive that reveal topographies of engagement through constructed spaces, expansive paintings and a series of etchings tracing presence and physicality.

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