Taking the Stage – Day 4, Part 2


From £10 - £12


19 October 2024

Taking the Stage is back supporting and celebrating women playwrights. This is our third festival and like our previous two festivals, we have an exciting lineup of new plays, discussions and talks.

7pm: Festival closing speech by Suzette Coon

7.30pm: In a Key of her Own by Suzette Coon
In 1846 it is taboo for women to be professional composers and to play to the general public and so the great composer Fanny Mendelssohn’s music is published under her brother’s name.

In 2015 an A Level music student is shocked to discover not a single female composer on the Edexcel A Level Music syllabus. Both women set out to change the course of history. Inspired by true events.

8.30pm: Fifty Cups of Tea by Rosemary Hill
“A campaign to boycott all nations that drop bombs on defenceless women and children was launched yesterday by a group of fifty women. They met for tea at the Dorchester Hotel as the first signatories under the League for the Boycott of Aggressor Nations and many of them made speeches for the first time in their lives. ‘Men Make War’  they said. ‘But women by a united boycott of all goods made by aggressor nations can stop wars.” The Chronicle April 8th 1938

The hostess was Princess Indira of Kapurthala, an actor and broadcaster who went on to work with George Orwell at the BBC. Through the eyes of the four women who were the main organisers the play explores the power of female protest and resistance.

9.00pm: Q&A “Where do we go from here?”
Panel: Lynda Rooke (Equity President and Chair), Jennifer Tuckett (Theatre Lab),Polly Kemp (Theatre Lab and ERA, Suzette Coon (Playwright)