Linnet Rubaya

Linnet Rubaya is a self-taught artist based in Leeds. Born in Harare and raised in London, Rubaya’s works on paper aim to inspire, empower and educate observers: “You are important, and your story is important. Your story means you choose the tone and invent the language you use to say who you are and what you mean. But you are not just your story you are your potential fulfilled.”


On Surrender (2019) the artist notes: “In times of unrest, the first people to be persecuted and silenced are the artists, the authors and the free thinking journalists. They have the power to speak to people’s humanity in a way that is unmatched. This piece is a commentary on pain, hope and strength black people all over the world carry. From Albania to Zimbabwe, black people can and will relate to this image but more importantly they will have a story in which they can attest to the strength of surrender. Surrender; Brave despite it, wiser because it”.


With contemporary influences from artists such as Nelson Makamo, Barkley L Hendricks and most notably Kerry James Marshall, Rubaya aims to provide a unique commentary primarily for under-represented people.