Giuseppe Alfano & Roisin Callaghan

Giuseppe Alfano is a composer and musician working collaboratively with artist Roisin Callaghan, to create site-specific sound installations which explore the architecture of a given space, drawing attention to how we listen. They create scores either from the existing sound of a space as audio maps, or the physical nature of a site through a graphic (or drawn) score, played as pieces of music within the space.

 Working at the intersection of music, sound and visual art the work created for MK Calling 2020 explores active listening. Viewers are invited to listen and respond to the sound work, offering an opportunity for participation. ‘.-.’ explores listening as a solo experience, which is then made into a collective one through the creation of the graphic score. The initial piece is created through abstract shapes and symbols, which themselves are based on the architectural structure of the space. Visitors are presented with instructions to create an arrangement of marks, dots and dashes, in response to the sound they are listening to.

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