Charlie Barkus

Charlie Barkus


Charlie Barkus was born in Milton Keynes. His artistic practice is concerned with the creation and reproduction of space. Questioning how areas can be cultivated, both spatially and as a part of lived experience, Barkus builds environments through which viewers can physically explore these themes. 

all of a sudden this stretch of road appeared, created specifically for MK Gallery, developed from research into local histories and stories. Nature is manipulated in order to suggest an ‘elsewhere’, a motif popular in the history of garden design, through the digital creation of an image pasted directly onto the gallery wall. The textual poster, ‘WHAT WAS OUTISDE WASN’T REAL ANYMORE’, plays upon specific anxieties of the commercialisation of public space and the concept of non-place.

‘The greatest achievement would be to make it possible to drive though Milton Keynes and never know you’ve been there’ (Milton Keynes Development Corporation, 1972)

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