Shona Davies, Dave Monaghan & Jon Klein

Shona Davies

The Desperate Hours I Hospital

Davies, Monaghan & Klein have been working in collaboration since 2008. They create miniature worlds, populated using a combination of hand-modelled and recycled found objects.

The Desperate Hours is a diptych examining the impact of the dismantling of the NHS and disinvestment in the prison system. The work looks at the effects of reduction in funding on an understaffed hospital ward from a patient’s perspective, and the violence and disorder of a prison from a prisoner’s point of view. Beyond their closed environments we are able to witness the chaos they observe from their confinement.

The environments made by Davies, Monaghan & Klein are brought to life through the use of stop-motion animation and the creation of soundscapes. The films are housed within constructed installations that allow them to be watched through controlled viewpoints, inviting the audience inside to experience the narratives playing out as though part of them.

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