Emi Fujisawa

Emi Fujisawa

The Planet, 2013

Emi Fujisawa is a Japanese textile artist based in England, specialising in hand-weaving with natural materials and dyeing. 

Influenced by traditional techniques including natural dyeing, Fujisawa started researching methods using found flowers and plants as an art student in London. The artist has developed several different techniques of natural dyeing, and has created their own bespoke colour palettes using organic dyes with their own special recipes. Inspired by nature, Fujisawa wove the textiles on display using the double-weaving and ikat techniques, using different silks and natural yarns which create unique textures and a rich colour mix.

In making the work, Fujisawa conducts research into the historic production of dyes, including some of the most ancient techniques using muds. The artist has travelled along the English coast collecting chalks of different colours, and after many experiments, managed to successfully develop dyeing techniques for her yarns without the use of any chemicals.

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