Hannah Jean Moulds

Hannah Jean Moulds

The Unnameables, 2018

Hannah Jean Moulds is an artist based in Scunthorpe, working predominately with sculpture and installation to explore interior architectural space and narrative. Moulds’s practice involves creatures that she calls ‘The Unnameables’. They are a hive of long, invasive, furry, alien-growths that squirm and take over - hooking and winding over surfaces like an infestation.

Moulds sees The Unnameables as biomorphic: they have a resemblance to living creatures, but they exist in their own right. The threat of their collective presence seems to take over space, whether the floor, the walls or above. They are a flock, a mass. They do not sit on plinths like sculptures, becoming objects. They appear to be waiting.

What was I thinking? They keep growing. Twisting and distorting as they move, feeling their way through with their sucker-like limbs of an octopus, contorting and wriggling over each other; disgusting. It seemed so harmless at the time.”

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