Jam Patel

Jam Patel is a British director. Her work is infused with a striking sense of colour, mood and place, filled with passion, energy and humour. Patel’s early career started at Dazed & Confused magazine. After contributing as a photographer she went onto shoot fashion for numerous editorials worldwide. 

The women in this video were given something to eat in a performance context, in the hope of capturing an authentic moment. The work expands conversation, exploring what is not said. The space between the subject and artist, and then the artist and the viewer becomes its own moment.

Patel considers herself a storyteller first and foremost, always presenting a narrative within rich and sensual films. Her Indian heritage, nurturing a love for the vivid and bold, combined with her enthusiasm for magical realism, has led to her unique style. Patel’s commercial & editorial clients include Vogue, Chanel, Celine, and Charlotte Olympia.  She is currently writing her first feature film.

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