Kyle Kirkpatrick

Kyle Kirkpatrick

Untitled (configuration), 2019

Kyle Kirkpatrick lives in Bedford. Central to Kirkpatrick’s making and thinking process is a fascination with materiality, natural landscape formations and objects.

In Kirkpatrick’s work, materials and images are found, made, remade, altered and organised to form ‘workings out’. The objects that he makes and their resulting placements are propped up by shelves or tables to reference the domestic and the familiar. Kirkpatrick navigates curiosity through ‘thing-making’, exploring the intrinsic human need to touch. The objects created by the artist, re-imaginations or re-workings of the familiar, form curiosities ready to be unpicked by the viewer.

Kirkpatrick is led by a compulsion to make, to attempt to understand what he sees both materially and formally. He layers, grows, orders and then places to form visual or material dialogues which allow him to work though his thoughts. 

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