Melanie Bush

Melanie Bush

tracery de la dentelle en punt, 2013

Melanie Bush is a book artist with a studio near Milton Keynes. She co-founded the book arts collaborative we love your books.

An ABC of Childhood Memories is an altered book collecting the childhood memories of 16 people aged six to 82, presented as an alphabetic primer. The words and images are printed over the existing text about doll’s houses, deliberately making it less easy to read. The images are from childhood sources, both personal and found. The cover is Japanese stab stitched.

 Postcards from Home is a set of four tin boxes containing ideas, images, words and structures exploring the concept of home. Each set has postcards that were created under themes of place, pattern and child. The jacquard cards suggest a calendar of events in the home, both good and bad. The house of cards represents the fragility of home.

 tracery de la dentelle en punt was inspired by the artist’s discovery in Ghent of old lace patterns, pricked onto envelopes. The new pieces trace the moving points in the lives of five/six interconnected people. The quotes, apposite to the individuals, are from the works of the philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), whose surname is the Flemish word for ‘lace’. 

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