Nazanin Moradi

Nazanin Moradi was born in Iran and lives in London. Moradi’s work explores transcendence within personal loss, through deconstructing the body, underpinned by cultural heritage.

Turning & Turning hangs from the ceiling, its soft-sculpture volume representing body parts.  Its different fabrics suggest opposing forces affecting the body, swinging back and forth to create tension. Turning & Turning highlights the notion of trauma and the power of belonging, with a focus on oscillation: swinging, rotating and circling within the void.

“Trauma makes you memorise your story in the context of history. The task of reinventing memory is painful when it comes to art…The idea of focusing on a suspended, abstracted body was a very conscious choice, to investigate my emotions with the constant construction, deconstruction and reconstruction between sewing and textiles.”

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