Paddy Gould and Roxy Topia

Paddy Gould and Roxy Topia work collaboratively and are based in Birkenhead.

PG: I think sometimes our work is the happy silence between two people. The expunging of excess together, to leave a gentle peace. (Or a smear up the wall lol)

RT: well isn’t that sweet. Tbh I liked what Linda wrote about the refried beans show, that the- “multi-media practice they have developed together could be described as ‘maximalism’, but in an odd way that word seems reductive... Underpinned by drawing; both in the sense that they produce hand-drawn works on paper, but also that their sculptures, animations or even performance combine attention to surface design, with concept, form, texture and humour.”

PG: oh aye. I mean I think that’s true but a lot of our current work also seems to be pondering on domesticity in one way or another. Like maybe struggling with what it means to not be on the road. Putting things off by making animated storage boxes with feet or impractical furniture works for our home when we only have a tiny flat. 

Worrying about settling down or getting comfortable.

RT: well maybe you ponder domesticity but I’m usually joking. Actually, come to think of it I have seen you pondering, mouth hanging all the way open, your eyes all slack ha ha. 

PG: fair. It’s another way of sleeping isn’t it? Proper relaxing.

I mean I’m essentially a fantasist. I think it’s how I keep things bearable. 

RT: nice and positive that.

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