Priya Chohan-Padia

Priya Chohan-Padia

From The Mystery of the Chess Boxing series, 2017

Priya Chohan-Padia has lived in Milton Keynes for four years, practising both as an artist and teacher.


The title of the piece ‘From The Mystery of Chess Boxing Series’ is deliberately playful. It refers to a series of work in which Chohan-Padia considers each form as a piece of a game, an expression of strategic thinking. Ideas of weight, balance, repetition and rhythm are recurrent concerns throughout Chohan-Padia’s practice.


Chohan-Padia’s work involves making interventions with materials, often exploring the sculptural qualities of colour. The artist is interested in how individuals connect to spaces, both architecturally and spiritually. The intimacy and ritual of making things by hand, the flow of working physically with a form, and the connection with the body are all central concerns of her work. The artist enjoys the alchemical qualities of materials, and the point at which they shift in meaning to form a dialogue. Chohan-Padia works intuitively to create experiments with materials, feeding personal discoveries back into her work. Through the repetition of a mark, image, layer or process, a collective series emerges. 

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