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In November 2016, artist family Townley and Bradby began work with MK Gallery on the Playing Out project as part of City Club. The initial aim of Playing Out was to devise ways to play in public spaces, though this changed as the project unfolded. The Playing Out website - www.playingout.co.uk

Townley and Bradby summarised the residency by making a book about a fictional family that plays and argues while exploring a city that’s by turns colourful, magical and overwhelming.

How To Play With MK uses short stories, imagined dialogues, games, drawings and challenges to describe how the fictional family discovers and makes use of the city. Seven short extracts from The Plan For Milton Keynes (1970), interspersed through the book, offer a commentary on the family's activities. The contributions come from all five members of the family. Townley and Bradby worked with artists Georgie Manly, Sarah Wright, and Miles Umney during the project as well as with community organisations and with residents of Conniburrow and with people they encountered in MK city centre.

Dimensions: 135 x 210mm
72 pages
18 colour photos
9 drawings and paintings
Cover stock -  James Cropper Vanguard Sunlight Yellow 300 microns
Page stock - Denmaur Revive Natural 80 gsm
Designer - Emily Benton Book Design
Printer - Imprint Digital, Devon
Print run - 150
Publication - June 2020
Price - £5