18 May - 27 June

Doorstep Diaries MK is a photography project by Stace Photography, a Milton Keynes-based photography company. The project was an open call to households across Milton Keynes to have their photograph taken on their doorstep, free of charge, during the first COVID-19 national lockdown. It set out to support the community and share moments of positivity during a time of widespread uncertainty and challenge. 

Featured in this exhibition are a series of images which show natural and authentic moments in the community. Shared smiles and laughter highlight genuine connections and togetherness. Many of the photographs are displayed on reclaimed wood from Milton Keynes.

The exhibition also features a compilation of filmed interviews with Milton Keynes residents. The interviews are part of Lockdown Lives MK, an ongoing project by Living Archive MK designed to document the lives and experiences of citizens during the lockdown and beyond. Living Archive MK is a charity which collects, preserves and shares the history and heritage of Milton Keynes. If you’d like to contribute your story to Lockdown Lives MK, please visit www.livingarchive.org.uk.

Lockdown Lives MK has been supported by funding from MK Community Foundation.

To find out more about Stace Photography, please visit stacephotography.co.uk.