Join us for an afternoon with Roy Holliday where we will be screening Heather Britton's documentary about the drummer followed by a Q&A with the man himself.

This event will be followed by a screening of the 2014 Oscar winning Whiplash starring Miles Teller and J.K Simmons. 

Whiplash | 2014 | cert 15 | 107 mins


Roy Holliday film + Q&A | Free

Roy Holliday film + Q&A plus Whiplash | £5 

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Roy Holliday is a portrait film offering a glimpse into the world of Roy, a 93 year old Jazz and Dance Band drummer. Roy has had and continues to lead an expansive life and is one of few remaining nonagenarian drummers of his time.

Within the confines of a 15-minute short, filmmaker Heather Britton observes as Roy, charming and charismatic, provides a unique look at the effects age has on the identity of a lifelong musician.

Roy Holliday was Heather Britton's first foray into documentary filmmaking in 2019, and was created as part of the Goldsmiths University Ethnographic Film and Music Masters program. She has since gone on to create short films, music videos, digital branded content and a variety of audiovisual pieces. She works as a Video Editor and Composer and lives in Brighton with her partner and their pet rabbit, Zissou.

Thanks to Harriet Jones (Additional Camer). Clau Torres (Additional Camera), John Bisset (Sound Recordist), Vivienne Holliday, Barley Norton, Louise Boer and most importantly, Roy- for his time, wonderful personality and incredible stories.

Copyright Heather Britton 2021. 

About Whiplash

A promising young drummer (Miles Teller) enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor (J.K Simmons) who will stop at nothing to realize a student's potential.