11am - 12 noon / Tickets: £1 per person (payable on the door)*
For accompanied children aged under 5

Join us this December as Start the Art takes inspiration from MK Gallery’s Project Space exhibition Pavilion of Change. In these fun and experimental sessions we’ll explore a number of different areas relating to change. From colour mixing to planting, we’ll look at how one thing turns into another.

Join us for a fun and festive Arty Party! We’ll have our usual mix of creative activities plus food, music and games!


Places are limited. Please ensure you book the correct number of child tickets for children that you need and adult tickets for adults. Thank you.

Please note, there is a small charge of £1 per person for each Start the Art session. The charge is payable on the door, but due to the popularity of the sessions, please reserve your tickets online. 

City Club
Start the Art is inspired by City Club, an ambitious proposal to animate the public spaces surrounding MK Gallery and the northern end of Midsummer Boulevard. We will use the three main themes of City Club (garden, piazza and playground) as a means to explore how we use public space in Milton Keynes and how, as a community, we can engage with MK Gallery’s exciting expansion plans.