Reason to be Cheerful Part One launches the build up to Togfest 2022 with a relaxed, intimate cabaret style gig in the Sky Room featuring three acts already signed for the festival – Paul Mclure, Fozz and Togmor, giving a taster of what to expect next summer. 2022.

Doors 7pm

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Paul McClure

The Rutland Troubadour, Paul McClure is a father of 2, husband of 1, singer/songwriter signed to Clubhouse Records. Paul’s music is a blend of folk, Americana and indie folk. His lyrics can make you laugh or cry through the stories he tells. Paul plays events from huge festivals to house concerts.


A band that seems to defy any genre or mould, Fozz have evolved but have stubbornly refused to compromise their musical freedom. Fozz formed in 2000 when three like-minded musicians got together to work on playing and performing the original and award winning songs written by front-man Elliot Foskett, later playing on the national stage to critical acclaim. The band morphed in style when Elliot and drummer Tony Lacy were joined by new bassist John Wilkes. They released their first full studio album, ‘Dates, Mates & Carving Knives’ in 2005. Fozz continued to perform and were joined by sax and woodwind player, Cathy Fagan completing the current line-up. Their recent album, 'Start Again' is a re-invention for Fozz, it represents over a decade of angst and life experience! 


Togmor combine originality and energy in a fast moving electric set that has a wide appeal to both fans of Celtic roots music and fans of contemporary folk rock. Their music is carefully crafted to combine a vibrant mix of powerful modern rhythms with a traditional Celtic feel. Togmor interplay blazing bursts of jigs and reels with evocative acoustic songs to create a dynamic web of sounds.

With over 30 years and several CDs behind them, Togmor have been playing their own energetic brand of Celtic rock/folk music at music venues, arts centres and festivals around the UK and Europe including their own hosted Togfest festival in Milton Keynes.