2 December 2020 12 September 2021

Memphis: Plastic Field

A major survey of the influential 80s design movement Memphis, bringing together over 150 of the collective’s most significant works whose bold and playful aesthetic pushed boundaries and sparked a new era in European design.

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18 May 27 June 2021

Doorstop Diaries MK

Doorstep Diaries MK is a photography project by Stace Photography, a Milton Keynes-based photography company. The project was an open call to households across Milton Keynes to have their photograph taken on their doorstep, free of charge, during the ... Read more

2 July 1 August 2021

Milton Keynes Hip Hop Culture part 1

Bringing together archival materials from throughout the decade, the exhibition at MK Gallery explores the various elements of Hip Hop culture with a focus on the four founding fathers of local graffiti art; Urbanist, Rolek One, Chase One, and ... Read more