Alice Channer, Planetary System (Kozer DGK63»), 2019. Photo: Achim Kukieles

Announcing Trickster Figures: Sculpture and the Body

We are pleased to announce our first major exhibition of 2023, Trickster Figures: Sculpture and the Body, curated by Jes Fernie.

Trickster Figures presents the next chapter in the story of British sculpture, bringing together a selection of work by eleven contemporary artists. The exhibition explores the body’s newly configured relation to the world which involves increasingly fluid movement between binary systems, technology, human forms, animals, identities, and the environment.

“There is a leakage, a seepage in these works. Many of them allude to bodies or systems that relate to bodies. Jealous bodies, broken bodies, fossilised bodies, vulnerable, contaminated bodies. There is also love, tenderness, glamour, and compulsion.” Jes Fernie

Featuring: Saelia Aparicio, Alice Channer, Jesse Darling, Nicolas Deshayes, Kira Freije, Siobhán Hapaska, Nnena Kalu, Joe Namy, Harold Offeh, Ro Robertson and Vanessa da Silva

Learn more about the exhibition and book your tickets here.