Abigail Lane: Tomorrow’s World, Yesterday’s Fever (Mental Guests Incorporated)


26 May - 8 July 2001

For her exhibition Tomorrow’s World, Yesterday’s Fever (Mental Guests Incorporated) British artist Abigail Lane presented a trilogy of theatrical video installations comprising The FigmentThe Inclination and The Inspirator. Each looped film projection was set within a sculptural environment in each of MK Gallery’s three rooms. These arresting installations extended Lane’s preoccupation with the fantastical, the Gothic and the Uncanny and her exploration of the journey from the material to the imaginary world. Two of the three pieces featured were developments of work previously shown in Europe and the United States in other configurations; the third was made specifically for this exhibition in Milton Keynes. For more information about each work please download the press release (right).

Artist Information

Abigail Lane was born in Penzance in 1967. She emerged during the early 1990s as one of the young British artists (YBAs). With fellow Goldsmiths College London students such as Damien Hirst, Gary Hume and Sarah Lucas she co-organised the renowned Freeze exhibition of 1988 to show-case their own work. She has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA, where her enigmatic installations have brought her much attention and critical praise.

Tomorrow’s World, Yesterday’s Fever (Mental Guests Incorporated) was a Milton Keynes Gallery / Film and Video Umbrella collaboration. It was subsequently shown at the Victoria Miro Gallery, London, from October – November 2001.

Press Release