Cathy Wilkes


16 April - 8 June 2008

Milton Keynes Gallery presented the most comprehensive exhibition in the UK by artist Cathy Wilkes. Born and raised in Belfast, Wilkes is one of a generation of artists who was educated in Glasgow and emerged at the forefront of British visual arts practice the mid 1990s. The exhibition, which comprised new and recent work, was accompanied by an illustrated catalogue.

Wilkes’s work is characterised by the creation of a slowly emerging, distinctively personal vocabulary of sculptures and paintings which she makes and re-makes in evolving assemblages and environments. Her processes are measured and refined, drawing on the most intimate of personal experiences to create a compelling autobiographical thread, coupled with a precise and liberated formal language. Wilkes confidently and unapologetically selects the most abject and awkward of domestic, everyday objects; a widescreen Sony television, a Maclaren’s push chair or a jar of Bonne Mamam apricot preserve have all been incorporated in Wilkes’ expansive installations.

Press Release