Drawing from Life Club: Portrait Drawing


16 January - 18 June 2024

This class is for adults aged 18+

Our monthly Drawing from Life Club invites you to draw from a live model alongside our associate artist Paul Berryman exploring the art of portraiture.

All skill levels are welcome but please note that these sessions are only lightly guided.

About the sessions

Paul is an experienced facilitator and tutor who specialises in working from life, and will be leading these sessions on a “lightly guided” basis. Starting each session with some ideas about drawing, the sessions will continue without formal teaching structure other than “checking in” and offering support where requested.

By avoiding the constraints of a prescriptive workshop environment, these sessions aim to provide value to your practice with more flexible and personal support, or, if you’re happy just having the chance to work from a live model in a professionally lit setup, then this is also for you.

Basic materials will be provided including charcoal, graphite, paper, easels and boards.

Please do bring with you any specific art materials you would personally like to use but please note oil paints are not permitted.

If this session is sold out, please email our Box Office to add your name to the waiting list: info@mkgallery.org


Tuesday 16 January, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 20 February, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 19 March, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 16 April, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 21 May, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 18 June, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 16 July, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 17 September, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 19 November, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm
Tuesday 17 December, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm