John Riddy: Recent Work


9 December 2000 - 21 January 2001

John Riddy (b.1959 in Northampton) presents images which place architecture and inhabited space within the photograph as a sequence of echoes and reflections.

Though appearing nostalgic, the photographs have a sense of clarity, which makes formal the complexity of perspective and texture. His understanding of the relationship between place and image is exhibited in his particular use of framing within the camera lens, increasing the severity of the subject by playing on the perspective of surfaces, gravity, balance and light. Not simply documents of places, they also explore the poetic and continuing possibility of private reflection.

For this exhibition at MK Gallery John Riddy selected ten recent works, which included views of Rome, Valencia, Whipsnade and London. In contrast to the Richard Ross and Jan Dibbets exhibitions which were showing in adjacent rooms at MK Gallery, and  featured interior views, the works selected by Riddy were all exterior subjects.

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