Juergen Teller: Don’t Suffer Too Much


6 September - 26 October 2003

This exhibition presented new work by German-born artist Juergen Teller, best-known as one of the most influential fashion photographers of the preceding fifteen years. The exhibition featured self-portraits, together with shots of football celebrities and images of Teller’s family, including one of his mother by his father’s grave.

A new film by Teller was screened in the Long Gallery. In it a video camera was trained on Teller for a full 94 minutes while he watched the 2002 World Cup Final between Germany and Brazil, live. Describing the video as “the most disturbing thing I have ever seen” and shocked by the pure animal instincts it reveals, Teller offered an extraordinarily cruel yet mesmerising self-portrait as he shouted and swore during the TV match commentary.

Press Release