MK Calling 2015


3 July - 6 September 2015

This summer MK Gallery presents the work of almost 70 artists, musicians and performers from Milton Keynes in MK Calling 2015. This exciting show selected from an Open Call for submissions, is designed to explore the breadth of creativity in or inspired by Milton Keynes.

The event builds on the hugely popular MK Calling exhibition in the summer of 2013, with approximately a third of the exhibitors making a welcome return. This year is characterised by a higher proportion of artists than performers, and work by talented amateurs will sit alongside that of recent graduates through to established practitioners. The selected work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film, sound, photography, poetry, music and performance, which will be presented in broad thematic groupings, such as figures, landscape and geometry/abstraction.

This year’s exhibition marks the end of the Gallery building in its current form, before work begins on the Gallery’s expansion. The ambitious new Gallery will open in 2017 as part of the celebrations for MK50 – the city’s fiftieth anniversary year.

Speaking about the exhibition, MK Gallery’s Director Anthony Spira, said: “MK Calling 2015 provides a great opportunity for artists and audiences in Milton Keynes to meet, share ideas, and participate in workshops, training and mentoring. This project celebrates the end of the first phase of the Gallery’s history and launches our exciting expansion.”

MK Calling 2015 Participants

Mary Barnes; Neil Beardmore; Mike Bloor; Alice Boland-Rhodes; Boyd & Evans; James Carney; Eleni Cay; Vicki Churchill; Edward Clayton; Michael Corkrey; Leslie Deere; Caroline Devine; Elisha Enfield; Alex Evans; Lee Farmer; Deborah Fielding; Katie Ellen Fields & Victoria Johns; Dawn Giles; Alison Goodyear; Alastair Gordon; Aaron Head; Jonathan Hill; Gareth Horner; Matthew Humphreys; Dawn Iles; Joe Jarvis; KEELERTORNERO; Alex King; Kyle Kirkpatrick; Stefan Kraus; Karolina Lebek; William Lindley; Verity Millest; William Millest; Tom Nash; Will Nash; John Oates; Georgina Pallett; Gabrielle Radiguet; Yannick Perichon; Marion Piper; Nicky Prince; Shereen Rahwangi; Paul Rainey; Thom Rees; Dave Ronalds; Arabel Rosillo de Blas; Cally Shadbolt; Annabelle Shelton; Peter Simpson; Alexandra Smith; Faye Spencer; John Strutton; Sue Swain; Gwen Taylor; Gareth Tilbury; Heather Tobias; Jeremy Turner; Darren Umney; Miles Umney; Daniel Webb; Emma Wilde; Debi-Sara Wilkinson; Andrea Willette; Luke Williams; Morgan Wills; Arianne Wilson; Hannah Wilson; Silvia Ziranek.

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