The Silbury Group: 10th Anniversary Exhibition


1 December 2001 - 13 January 2002

This December there is an opportunity to see a huge variety of work by past and present members of the Silbury Group of Artists. The Group, which began in 1991 as a handful of artists based in the Milton Keynes area, eager to make connections, to find studios and to have somewhere to show their work.

The Silbury Group has evolved into one of the longest running artist collectives in the country. With a consistent membership of around thirty, it continues to be led and administered by artists. It has an impressive record of exhibitions, international exchanges, residencies and educational and community projects. It also provides artistic links to and with local and national organisations.

The Silbury Group is currently based at Westbury Farm Studios, where fifteen membershave studio spaces. This congenial environment provides a forum for discussion, opportunities to share resources and to work on collaborative projects. The Group has a strong local identity and, most effectively, offers the community access to professional artists, providing temporary studio space, exhibition facilities and educational events.

This exhibition demonstrates the diversity and collective strength of its past and present members. This marks an important milestone for the Silbury Group and confirms Milton Keynes as a culturally rich place in which to live, work and exhibit as a practicing artist.

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