Visual Story

This is a step-by-step visual guide to help you plan your visit.

Booking a ticket

  • Before you visit MK Gallery, you need to book your ticket.
  • You can do this on our website or over the phone on 01908 676 900.
  • Personal Assistant/carer tickets are available for all ticketed events at no extra cost.

Quieter times to visit

  • MK Gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am to 5pm.
  • The Café and Shop are all open late on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 7.30pm.
  • Cinema times vary, you can check our website for more details.
  • It is quietest at the start and the end of the day. You can call us ahead of your visit to find out how busy the Gallery will be.
  • We regularly hold ‘Relaxed Exhibition Viewings’ throughout the year. These are specific quiet hours where visitors can enjoy the exhibition with less crowds and reduced noise.
  • Please check our website to view our full relaxed viewing programme.

Finding MK Gallery

  • MK Gallery is a large colourful building based at the junction of Midsummer Boulevard and Marlborough Gate.
  • It sits next to Milton Keynes Theatre on Margaret Powell Square.
  • It is an art gallery and you can see art from artists around the world.
  • You can find a full guide on directions to MK Gallery here.

When you arrive

  • MK Gallery has one main entrance. The entrance is street level and has step-free access.
  • The front desk can be found directly in front of you when you go through the large automatic sliding doors. It is fitted with a counter hearing loop system.
  • You might have to wait in a short queue, but it should not take long.
  • There will be a friendly member of staff at the desk ready to welcome you and scan or check your ticket. They will also give you directions.
  • If you would like to buy a ticket on the day, a front desk staff member can help you do this.

Things available at the front desk

  • The Gallery has Sensory Kits available for visitors at the front desk. These include ear defenders, fidget spinners, sensory toys, and a sensory map of the building. If you use them, make sure to return them back to the same front desk before leaving.
  • Visitors can pick up printed information about our exhibitions, events and facilities, including Large Print, easy read guides and a sensory map.

Things you will see in the Gallery

  • The Gallery space has 5 large exhibition rooms where you can explore artworks from all over the world.
  • You might find sculpture, paintings, and film. Our exhibitions are constantly changing so you might experience something new every time you visit us!
  • There is sometimes text on the wall to help explain the art. You can read this if you like.
  • Certain rooms may contain sound, film, flashing lights or other sensory experiences which may not be suitable for all visitors. Please speak to a member of our team on the day or call/email us if you have any questions about an exhibition.
  • There will always been an MK Gallery team member in each room to support you if you need.

Rules in the Gallery

  • You cannot touch the artworks. If there are wire barriers, make sure you stay behind them.
  • You cannot eat or drink in the galleries.
  • You can take photos without flash. If you are unsure, speak to a member of the team.
  • Bags larger than A3 size are not permitted in the galleries. Bags smaller than this size are permitted, and backpacks must be worn on your front.


  • There are lockers available on the first floor of the main building
  • A £1 coin, or MK Gallery locker token (available to purchase at the front desk), will be required to use one.

Other activities you might see or be part of around the Gallery

  • The Gallery has lots of other events for all different ages and interests.
  • You might visit us to watch a film or see a performance in the Sky Room.
  • You might take part in a creative workshop in our Event Space or Learning Studio.
  • You might come for lunch and a drink in our Café.
  • You might check out our Gallery Shop and buy some postcards.

Getting around the Gallery

  • We offer step-free access to our main reception, Café, Shop, galleries, Learning Studio, Event Space, Project Space and Changing Places Toilet.
  • To reach the second floor you can choose to take the stairs or the lift.
  • The staircase has 66 steps, with a mezzanine landing on the first floor (44 steps)
  • The lift can accommodate two wheelchairs and takes roughly 10 seconds.

Visiting the Project Space

  • The Project Space is another exhibition space opposite the main Gallery building. It is 40 steps in distance and is on the ground floor.
  • It has huge windows that bring in lots of natural light.
  • You might see a different exhibition each time you visit the Project Space as the work is always changing.
  • Sometimes we have creative workshops in here, especially for families.

Visiting the Learning Studio

  • Our Learning Studio can be accessed from outside on the right side of the main Gallery building, or through the galleries. Both options are step-free.
  • It has large windows and a giant yellow circle painted on the floor.
  • We have many different workshops and events in here.
  • The Learning Studio is also sometimes used as a quiet chill out area for certain events. This area contains a sensory tent and sensory equipment to help calm and relax.

Visiting the Event Space

  • The step-free entrance to the event space is directly opposite the main Gallery building and is 35 steps in distance.
  • It has large windows and a giant yellow circle painted on the floor.
  • We have many different workshops and events in here.
  • The Event Space is also sometimes used as a quiet chill out area for certain events. This area contains a sensory tent and sensory equipment to help calm and relax.

Finding the toilets

  • There are accessible toilets on each floor. You will find them by looking for this sign on the wall or by asking a member of staff.
  • There is a Changing Places toilet on the ground floor. A member of staff will show you how to find it.

Visiting the Cinema

  • Our Sky Room Auditorium is on the second floor and can be accessed by the staircase or the lift.
  • We have lots of films on show, some screenings have sensory friendly adjustments to create a more relaxing environment. You can find out more about our relaxed screenings and full film programme here.

Visiting the Café

  • The Café is located through the main entrance to the left of the front desk.
  • It offers indoor and outdoor seating and lots of different foods, snacks and drinks.
  • You can order at the counter. The person behind the counter will take your order and bring your food/drink to your table when it is ready.
  • It can be crowded and noisy some of the time, especially at lunchtime.

Visiting the Shop

  • The Shop is on the left as you enter the main.
  • It has a range of items to buy including books, arts supplies, jewellery, prints and ceramics.
  • You can purchase your items at the counter.

If the fire alarm goes off

  • In the event of an evacuation, a loud alarm will sound. Staff will ask you to exit the Gallery via the nearest door and wait outside.
  • They will let you know when it is safe to go back inside the building.

Leaving MK Gallery

  • When you are ready to leave, you will go out of the same automatic sliding doors that you used to come in.
  • We hope you enjoy your visit!